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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  January 12, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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forces in this country as well as mourning the dead and providing hope. >> reporter: there is continued hope at university medical center where doctors say congresswoman giffords is making slow but steady progress. >> we have really decreased the amount of sedation and as a result, she's becoming more and more spontaneous all the time. >> reporter: a wounded member of giffords' staff is alert now an anxious to move forward. though his family admits he can't help but look back. barber has met with daniel hernandez, the irn tern credited with saving giffords' life and now wants to meet with the stranger who helped him survive. he is also anxious to spend time with his boss. >> throughout the ordeal, his thoughts have been with gabby and asks we continue to pray for her recovery and family.
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>> reporter: prays for giffords and the rest of the community still struggling to survive. >> also today, we learn that had the suspected shooter, jared loughner, was pulled over for running a stoplight after two hours before the shooting. a game office gave him a verbal warning after he found no outstanding warrants. sarah palin used her facebook page to break her silence over the arizona shootings with a nearly eight-minute video. she had been heavily criticized over the shooting because her website included the campaign map that put giffords and others in the cross hair of a gun sight. >> i spent a last few days reflecting on what happened, praying for guidance. after the shocking tragedy, i listened at first, puzzled, then with concern and now, with sadness, to the irresponsible
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statements from people attempting to apportion blame for this terrible event. >> palin in the video went on to blame journalists and pundits for inciting hatred and violence in the days that followed the shooting. we want to take you back to the memorial service. 12,000 people expected to attend as well as millions of people watching on tv. as you can see, the president with first lady michelle obama, janet napolitano will be there. eric holder also expected to be there. lot of congressional people there as well as many university people as well. before landing there at the university, the president went straight to the university medical center where he saw gabrielle giffords, who he considers a friend and met with her husband. the president delivering his speech in just a few minutes.
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estimated that millions of people will be watching. again, hope thag the president can give them some measure of comfort. and nbc nightly news will have live coverage of the president's remarks. they will be coming up immediately aer this newscast if the schedule is followed. on to other news. the education debate continues in the east bay where teachers, parents and students voiced their concerns over yet another possible school closing. elise is live in monte gardens elementary in concord and this is a battle that's been fought across the bay area. >> reporter: it is. this is one of seven campuses recommended for possible closure by a committee made up of parents and district staff. but people here can't understand why one of concord's best performing schools would even consider to be closed. >> save our school! >> reporter: it's one of
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concord'sing schools. >> they teach us and if we need help, they're with us to make sure we know wa we're doing and that we're not struggling. >> we love our school! we love our school! >> reporter: but monte gardens elementary may be forced to close. >> i like my school. i will never let it close. >> reporter: kids and parents like jason schultz can't understand why they would cut one of the best schools. he put his son on waiting list when he was 2 years old. >> i still haven't figured out why all the top performing schools would be a scenario to be closed. that's still a mystery to me. >> we have to cut $12 million out of our budget right now. >> reporter: two states, 1.5 million a year due to state
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budget cuts. the school board president said up to seven will close. he said which seven will be based on recommendation from the district school closure committee and the fact monte gardens has students coming from all over concord doesn't bode well. >> they look at that versus a community school where little johnny goes next door to his schools. should we be closing schools that's a regional draw? >> it's not fair. we need our school. we all love this school very much and it means a lot to us. >> reporter: ultimately, district will make the decision on whether or not to close this school by february 8th. coming up at 6:00, we'll tell you why the district president says -- they will still have to shut down at least three schools in this district.
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>> so frustrating for parents. thank you. a caltran conductor under arrest tonight, accused of preying on his female passengers. police say he offered to wave the fine for a 16-year-old girl who didn't have a ticket, but in change for sexual favors. he's also accused of targeting a woman passenger in a separate incident. they say he used his position of authority to take passengers to a se lewded part of the train. he is out of jail on bond and if convicted, could face three years in prison. if it seems like the bay bridge commute has been more tolerable, you're not imaging things. delays during commute hours decreased by 15% since congestion pricing was
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implemented in july. mtc leaders say some avoid the bridge during those hours because of the high tolls, but the lackluster economy could mean fewer people are driving across the bridge for work. the rocking and rolling that began overnight in monterey has settled down. an earthquake struck about five miles southeast of prunedale and after that, 11 smaller aftershocks rolled through. no damage or injuries reported. haiti marks the one-year anniversary of the devastating earthquake that killed about 250,000 people and left more than a million homeless. the government declared it a national day of mourning. one year later, recovery is slow. it's estimated that only 10% of the rubble has been removed. about 800,000 homeless are still living in tent camps and the
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risk of collar and other diseases is high. the results of a disputed presidential election are expected soon. many worry that could lead to violent protests in the capital. a south bay family says they're living a double nightmare. their baby was born premature and must undergo numerous surgeries as a result. now that he can come home, the state tells the parents they make too much money to qualify for medical. >> that's right, he teaches third grade here at lowell elementary. he's been absent for several weeks while at the bedside of his 19 month old, hoping government agencies cut through the red tape so they can bring baby lucas home. >> reporter: this is what life
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is like for lucas hernandez since his tracheotomy. an alarm goes off and father springs into action. >> kind of works like an artificial nose, so has a lot of secretions in there. >> reporter: dad hates it, too. their lives have been turned upside down. >> we have no routine. we don't go home, make any meals. >> reporter: they are paying for the care at the sub acute children's hospital in sayre toga, but that is only for 90 days. lucas is ready to go home, but needs 24-hour care medical said they make too much money.
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both parents are educators. their combined income, roughly $90,000 a year for a family of four. >> that we make too much money to qualify for a service makes me very angry because my husband and i have worked for years and years, pay taxes and yet, when we come to the system because we have been devastated and our son is now considered disable d, we're turned away from the very system we pay into. he's in the hospital. doesn't get to be home with us. our family is broken right now because u he is not there, so it can't be whole. >> reporter: yet, the upcoming surgeries, all the red tape and chaos, there is resilience and optimism. >> they're all correctional, so at one point, he's going to be done with it and it will be be all over and it will just be a nightmare from the past and hopefully, he won't remember it. >> reporter: it's all they have to lean on right now. the power of hope.
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i spoke with the congressman's office today. they will see if the family qualifies for federal insurance, if not. one will have to quit their job. if that doesn't happen, they may have to lose their home. >> no good outcome. >> thank you. still ahead, zebras break loose along the central coast. it's what happens after that that has a prominent california family upset. also, the treat or not to treat. the best course of action when it comes to ear infections in kids. and the winner is, what we're learning about the second winner of that jackpot. plus, how social network is getting involved in finding abducted children. a sizable warm-up. 51 in livermore. 55 in san jose and 54 in san
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francisco. tonight, the clouds will be building and coming htellou y llte y who will have the best chance of showers tomorrow in my forecast.
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the internet providing another tool to help search for missing kids. facebook says it will now allow users to sign up to receive amber alerts. britney smith's case taught police the value of searching online. within five days, was found alive here in san francisco by someone who recognized her photo. facebook is partnering with the center for missing and exploited children to create 52 35i new pages. with nearly a half billion
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facebook users, law enforcement agencies like the idea. topping our health watch tonight, a new blood testing could help screen for down syndrome without risky procedures. doctors currently assess the risk in a fetus with an amniocentesis. it analyzes genetic material in the mother's blood. more study is needed for it's available for public use. this is for parents, many of whom question whether they should treat their children's ear infections. new research finds that giving antibiotics may be the best course of action. only under certain circumstances. >> reporter: the latest advice on treating ear infections?
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>> giving antibiotics is clearly beneficial. >> reporter: he is the director of the national institute of infection diseases. new research shows it can help children feel better and faster when diagnosed as a middle ear infection. >> it was a very good study in that the criteria for the diagnosis of the following of the systems was very strict. >> reporter: other research indicated most ear infections would clear up on their own. >> the criteria may not have been as presize as the criteria here. >> reporter: a watchful waiting approach, some doctors say overuse leads to resistance. >> the study was aimed at trying to develop more criteria for the
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appropriate use, but that's a very important issue. >> reporter: doctors say the new study is reassuring. >> it helps us to know we are the doing the right thing for the child. >> reporter: the research appears to be the best prescription moms and dads have to clear up their confusion. you know, when your chief meteorologist parks far away from the door -- >> you know it's not going to rain. sunny day. >> yes, i enjoy my walk inside when it is dry outside and the sun is shining. i saw tom in the parking lot. he's like, hey, what's up? in the past hour, san francisco, downtown, we had a lot of sunshine if you didn't want to go on a long walk, we had 52 degrees and winds are calm. with the sun starting to set, still not a lot in the way of cloud cover. with that sunshine that we had after fog this morning,
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temperatures were about 5 to 10 degrees warmer today as compared to yesterday. so a nice little bump there. right now on the radar, it's still dry here, but we're noting a few showers towards the north. that's a sign of what's coming throughout the next 18 to 20-hour period. right now, let's bask in this warming. it did feel quite a bit warmer after days of temperatures in the 40s. sunnyvale, 57 and 54 in san francisco. tonight, we'll see the clouds increase for thursday, another big storm system. a slight chance of scattered showers. then ahead, a warming trend. i think you're going to like this, with potential mid-60s coming our way. satellite radar has this moist flow here offshore and it's streaming well off to the north. that's going to be the slice of
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activity we're getting throughout thursday, mainly for the morning hours as the heart of this storm system will push to canada and washington and oregon. we'll just see the bottom, very weak edge. once again, a chance of scattered showers on thursday. meanwhile, for trid, we're looking at that afternoon sunshine coming back and temperatures in the upper 50s. so, who will have the best chance of showers? north bay with a trace to around a tenth. computer models aren't picking up accumulations for the east bay, south bay and peninsula. north bay, you'll need to watch out for slick roads. the east bay will start off cloudy. temperatures a little warmer. low to mid-40s. 46 in los gatos. 47 in redwood city and mid-40s into the north bay. thursday, those clouds are picking up once again with this weak system.
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tomorrow, that best chance of scattered showers into the north bay. we may see a shower pop p in the north peninsula. mid-50s from san mateo to oakland. concord, 56. right up into the north bay throughout sonoma valley, temperatures will be a little colder at how. possible travel delays, snow delays across the northeast, otherwise, we start to set into that really sweet trend of weather as we head into saturday, sunday and monday. mid-60s. look at that. it's looking good on tuesday. >> wonderful. thank you. >> good news ahead. still ahead at 5:00, could former governor schwarzenegger be facing a lawsuit of the scandal that had him reaching out today. and why some escaped zebras are causing lots of trouble on
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the central coast. and here is a live look at traffic on the golden gate bridge, right now, moving fairly well. a little heavy northbound. we'll be right back. year after . feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. [ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13.g breaths ] i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool. big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed. they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim.
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there's outrage along the central coast where two ranchers admit they shot and killed three zebras which escaped from the hurst castle. visitors often see the zebras as they take a bus to the mansion. they are descendants of the hursts for a private zoo. one neighbor says that he shot two zebras because they were chasing his horses. another neighbor complains that a zebra got into his cattle herd. former governor schwarzenegger apologized to the family of a murdered college student today, but the family
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says it doesn't mean much to them. the letter said he was sorry for not informing the family in advance that he was planning to commute the sentence from 16 years to seven. nunez is the son of a former senate leader. the family believes the pardon was a political favor and they're planning legal action. we will be right back with a idaho bank teller who will be handling lots of money and it's all hers.
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the megamillions mystery in idaho has been solved. the second winner of the jackpot is holly lotty of northern idaho. the bank teller will take half of the game's second largest ever payout. so far, lotty in undercover until she's ready to talk and she's got plans. she's described as a delightful young lady and shares the prize with a couple 120 miles away. >> imagine how much money that woman's handled as a bank teller and looks at it. >> talk about making a big deposit. i wonder if she'll pick her bank. >> isn't that something? we leave you tonight with the memorial service that is now underway on the campus of the
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university of arizona in tucson in memory of the six people slain during the weekend mass shooting. >> we'll see you at 6:00. >> made sure that they dedicated their life to taking care of others. in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days.
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